Bandi, Kush

Winchester Thurston, 12
Top Ten

This summer, I plan on shadowing and interning at a local robotics organization, Argo AI. After graduating, I plan on pursuing a bachelor’s degree, and potentially a master’s degree, in aerospace engineering, after which, I hope to find a career involving my passion for space exploration. Throughout the future, I would also love to give back to the FIRST robotics community I was exposed to my entire childhood by volunteering and supporting the program for as many future engineers as possible.

Brewer, Corinn

Greensburg Central Catholic High School, 12
Top Ten

Volunteering to help the underprivileged has driven my desire to become an architect and design beautiful, affordable living spaces for people in need through innovative designs and environmentally friendly materials. This fall, I will study architecture and compete in DI Track and Field at the University of Notre Dame, with sights set on competing in Women’s Decathlon in the Olympics. My commitment to community will grow stronger with leadership positions in USATF and volunteer youth coaching.

Carter, Norah

Pine-Richland High School, 12
Top Ten

As a young disabled woman, I have a strong passion for disability rights, particularly equal access to health care. I intend to double major in political science and public health. I hope to gain internships in government and public policy. After graduation, I intend to continue my advocacy work in the Peace Corps. Later, I plan to attend law school so I can further prepare myself to take on the challenge of advancing the laws that protect those with physical and mental health challenges.

Connell, Moira

The Ellis School, 12
Top Ten

In the future, I hope to become a senator so I can utilize my passion for economics to represent the communities I love, work for economic justice through policy-making, and make the world a better place.

Deller, Garrett

Franklin Regional High School, 12
Top Ten

I plan to attend a college or university, and major in Mechanical or Computer Engineering. Outside of my studies, I plan to continue to be a pillar in the community through community service or coaching sports. Through my community support group, Westmoreland Families Against Hunger (WFAH), I plan to continue to hold local food drives at local high schools, libraries, parks, etc. to help combat food insecurity.

Didomenico, Vivian

Oakland Catholic High School, 12
Top Ten

I plan on attending a 4-year university and majoring in the biological sciences on a pre-medicine track. I also hope to continue dancing in college by declaring a minor in dance or participating in a student-run dance performance group. After college, I plan to go on to medical school and become a physician.

Kosoglow, Lilly

Greensburg Salem High School, 12
Top Ten

After graduating high school, I plan on attending a coastal university to study marine science. I would eventually like to work in conservation so that I can educate others about the problems facing our oceans.

Swift, James

Franklin Regional High School, 11
Top Ten

Upon graduation from high school, I plan to further my education at a university to study exercise science, kinesiology, or physical therapy. I would like to share my passion for wellness and help others to develop their strengths and skills to move and feel better. While doing so, I plan to continue to serve my community and will volunteer with various organizations.

Walsh, Isabella

Springdale Junior/Senior High School, 12
Top Ten

I have applied and have been accepted into Duquesne University’s Honors College to pursue a degree in Forensic Science and Law which is a five-year Master’s Degree program. As a result of my coursework and grades in high school, I applied and was accepted into the FBI Teen Academy Program. My experiences with this academy have ignited a passion to follow a path in Forensic Science and Law with my ultimate career goal of becoming an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Zhao, Anker

Shady Side Academy, 12
Top Ten

Throughout my life and study, I have valued the integration of diverse subjects, including biology/chemistry, economics, and computer science, towards my goal of addressing child mental health. I would like to explore the vast interdisciplinary field of public health to fulfill my specific interest at the confluence of neuropsychology, behavioral science, and computer science. In the future I hope to innovate and ultimately start a business to support mental health.

Baker, Megan

Derry Area Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Saint Francis University for their accelerated 5 year Physician Assistant program. I then plan to use this degree to pursue a career in pediatric endocrinology.

Etling, Addison

Jeannette Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Clarion university in the fall to major in their accelerated five year Speech-Language Pathology program.

Holt, Brianna

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Grove City College in the fall of 2022 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. With my education, I would like to run a business and especially work with people within the organization. I also plan to get a real estate license to fill any extra time I might have.

Jablonski, Mary

Ligonier Valley High School, 11

My future plans are to attend a four year college and swim for the schools swim team.

Katzfey, Haley

Pine-Richland High School, 12

Sales, marketing, and fashion interest me. Ideally, I want to use my sense of design to help retailers either sell or buy apparel.. I love the bridal market; I’d love to be a buyer for wedding dresses for a large bridal store or retailer. Conversely, I could see myself as a buyer for a large company selecting the latest fashions. Someday, I would like to own a boutique. I hope to combine my love of fashion and my natural gifts of selling to create a successful career.

Lowry, Mia

Oakland Catholic High School, 11

I am striving to go to the University of Notre Dame and major in science and business. As a future business leader, I know that I will need to reach not only the minds but also the hearts of others to be able to recognize and implement ethical solutions to society’s problems. I want to continue my volunteer work and remain engaged in my community and integrate service work into my career.

Szalla, Simon

St. Joseph High School, 12

I plan on attending a well respected university to pursue a degree in Political Science. Afterwards, I hope to get a law degree. Ultimately my plan is to eventually run for office, whether it be in the local, state, or national setting using the morals my family raised me on.

Wygonik, Samuel

St. Joseph High School, 12

I intend to attend college next year, majoring in physics, and to participate in research and service. I then plan to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in theoretical physics and work with a university on research on dark matter, standard model theory, etc. and move into the workforce as either a researcher, consultant, or professor.

Addink, Julia

A.W. Beattie Career Center, 12

I plan on attending Slippery Rock University majoring in exercise science: pre-PA. After getting my bachelors, I want to go to become a Physicians Assistant.

Adkins, Maggie

North Hills Senior High School, 11

My plans are currently uncertain, they may include college or seeking full time employment. When I complete high school I will receive a sports medicine certification from Beattie Tech. Sports medicine may be a possible career choice. I also hope one day I might own a Bed and Breakfast. I am interesting in obtaining a career that will help people. I enjoy having an impact on peoples’ lives in a positive way.

Aftanas, Ben

Valley High School, 12

Attend Pitt-Greensburg, major in secondary mathematics education, and play baseball

Alakson, Aaron

Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 12

Attend the California University of Pennsylvania to study Environmental Science and to play collegiate Baseball.

Alesi, Jaden

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 12

I intend to attend college at St. Vincent University, where I would like to study computer science. I would also like to author a novel at some point in the future

Anderson, Abigail

Springdale Junior/Senior High School, 11

I plan on attending a four year college to obtain a degree in Accounting with an emphasis on real estate. I love working with children through my church and have made myself readily available to help with many service organizations in my community (American Legion, Churches, Food Bank, Fun & Freedom, Library, Bouquet Pool, Aspinwall VA {Adult Daycare}, Syria Shriners, and my school). I currently have a 4.15 GPA in advanced studies at my school.

Angelicchio, Teko

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 12

Although I am still trying to figure out where I want to go to college, the end goal is to become a reproductive endocrinologist.