Gibson, Danielle

Beaver Falls Senior High School, 12

After graduation I will attend a 4-year college or university to study political science, history, or international relations. I hope to either combine my interests in politics and the environment and become an environmental lawyer, or enter the world of diplomacy with the Department of State. Either way, my main goal is to uphold my family’s tradition of service- I will help my country and my world in the best way that I can.

Griffin, Madison

Ligonier Valley High School, 12

My future plans are to attend Youngstown State University on a softball scholarship in the fall of 2022. I will be majoring in pre-law. I am hoping some of my credits from the Associate Degree program at my high school will transfer and I can graduate from college in less than four years. After that I hope to attend law school in order to become a family lawyer.

Guo, Christine

Leechburg Area High School, 11

Attend college for biomedical engineering or mechanical engineering in preparation of entering orthotics and prosthetics.

Gurtner, Erin

Oakland Catholic High School, 11

I plan to study pharmacy in college and become a pharmacist in a hospital setting whenever I graduate.

Hannan, Emma

Mars High School, 11

Over the upcoming summer, I am interning at the Mars government bureau to learn more about local government. In my school, I hope to make it more environmentally friendly in ways I am currently advocating and communicating for, such as recycling and compost bins in the cafeteria, paper utensils, and plants throughout classrooms. I am also researching ways to get languages started in middle school rather than high school.
In the future, I hope to attend university for political science.

Henry, Hannah

Leechburg Area High School, 11

As of right now I am undecided on where I am going to college after I graduate highschool. Although I am looking into Slippery Rock University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and California University of Pennsylvania. I plan to major in Criminology or Criminal Justice. Once I graduate and get my Bachelor’s I plan to go to the Pennsylvania State Police Academy in Hershey, Pa. I want to be in a Criminal Investigation Unit after getting my experience as a State Trooper.

Hugus, Jonathan

Derry Area Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend college for Environmental Engineering to help protect and promote a cleaner, safer environment.

Hugus, William

Derry Area Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Case Western Reserve or Penn State University and major in Computer Engineering and eventually pursue a MS degree.

Hulver, Amanda

North Allegheny Senior High School, 11

In the future, I plan to attend a four-year college and most likely pursue computer science and business. I’m not really sure yet where I want to go in life, but I will continue volunteering and working with nonprofits to serve my community in any way I can.

Hunker, Laneah

Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Waynesburg University to receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Science. Following college graduation I plan to work for the National Park Service or attend graduate school for Environmental research.

Huth, Kathryn

St. Joseph High School, 11

My future plans include applying to Notre Dame for the Environmental Sciences Program. I want to bring awareness to the lesser known but equally as dangerous types of pollution such as light pollution, radioactive contamination, thermal pollution ect. I aim to make the world a better, safer world for my generations and all who follow.

Jain, Maya

Greater Latrobe Senior High School, 12

I plan on studying Industrial Engineering or Computer Science. I am very passionate about service and I plan on dedicating my time to solve real-world problems in underserved communities. A strong interest of mine is learning about cultural diversity and the current issues affecting our country and globally. I am currently learning Hindi — which has been a lifelong dream of mine — so I can understand my heritage. I hope to continue playing tennis, as well.

Jajoo, Shivani

Upper St. Clair High School, 12

Last summer, I completed an EMT course. Now that I’m 18, I will take my certification test and volunteer at the local EMS station for the rest of the school year and summer. I will attend college in the fall, majoring in Neuroscience or Biochemistry on a pre-medicine track. I hope to continue volunteering with an on-campus EMS service and serve in local hospitals. After seeing the need for doctors during the pandemic, I look forward to becoming a physician.

Johnson, Maclaen

Bishop Canevin Catholic High School, 12

After graduation, I will be attending the University of Notre Dame. I plan to major in history and political science and attend law school after college graduation. My goal is to pursue a career in government or public service.

Johnson, Melea

North Hills Senior High School, 12

In the fall I will be attending the four year university Youngstown State University. I plan to in major in social work with a minor in criminology to become a juvenile correctional counselor or probation officer. I chose this field because there needs to be a change in the system. During my time at Youngstown State University I plan on doing a internship at the Youngstown State police station.

Jollie, Jack

Penn-Trafford High School, 12

Earn a degree from a 4 year college.

Jones, Alexis

Carlynton Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Nazareth College in Rochester, New York to pursue a degree in biochemistry. After college, I plan to attend a prestigious medical school that will grant me the opportunity to work with some renowned surgeons that will help further my education and understanding of the human brain. I seek to join a research team that will discover alternative – and more ethnical – ways to pioneer embryonic stem cells that would not require cloning.

Joyce, Sydney

Kiski Area High School, 11

Attend college and major in education, global studies, or international relations. Potentially play college volleyball and study abroad.

Kilpatrick, Colleen

Oakland Catholic High School, 11

In the future, I plan to attend college and study biological sciences. I have not decided on a college to attend or an exact major to study. I hope to then go to medical school and become a doctor.

Kirsch, Violet

Deer Lakes High School, 12

My passion is helping and working with children, so I will be attending Westminster College and dual majoring in Early Childhood and Special Education with a minor in Psychology.
I am in the process of turning my community service project Color the World Violet a nonprofit organization, so that I can continue to help more children get the school and art supplies they need for success in school.

Knupp, Michael

Ligonier Valley High School, 12

Attend the University of Pittsburgh majoring in biology in the fall of 2022. After graduating from undergraduates I plan to pursue a graduates degree in dentistry.

Kulbieda, Cameron

Oakland Catholic High School, 12

I was accepted Early Decision I into Boston College. I plan to double major in Elementary Education and Psychology.

Kvortek, Sarah

Plum Senior High School, 11

My future plan after graduation is to pursue post-secondary education at Seton Hill University studying physical therapy.

Laskowski, Hannah

St. Joseph High School, 12

I will be attending Chatham University in Fall of 2022 as a nursing student. I plan to graduate with my Master’s of Science in Nursing, starting out as an RN, specialized in Labor and Delivery, then entering an administrative role as I build credibility.

Lecker, Ian

Bishop Canevin Catholic High School, 12

As an undergraduate, I plan to study physics then continue my post-graduate education in physics or law. Pursuing these degrees will lead me towards my goal of working for a government agency such as the NSA.