Outstanding Young Citizen Awardees


2024 Outstanding Young Citizens

will be announced Thursday, April 25!

Congratulations to our 2024 Outstanding Young Citizens.


Park, Liam

Upper St. Clair High School, 12

I would like to major in biophysics with a music minor. I am interested in mRNA research involving nanoparticles which may target blood disorders and cancer. Market Production will be essential to scale up production, possibly creating opportunities in health care, nanocomputing and nano-data storage. Sharing knowledge through media is the hallmark of all great societies. I want to embrace it all. Thank you

Parmar, Mahir

Upper St. Clair High School, 12

I plan to study Psychology and Neuroscience in order to understand the challenges and see the possibilities for bringing people together. Ultimately, I want to research how we can work to fulfill our need for social interaction. I would study medical treatments for better mental health. We must build strong bridges, healthy relationships to create a system for us to use to reach out when it is the hardest.

Pellegrino, Sydney

Pittsburgh Obama (The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies), 11

I plan to attend college, majoring in criminology.

Perez, Luke

Serra Catholic High School, 11

In the future, I will continue to try my hardest in everything I do, in school and on the soccer team, both of which I am very passionate about, and I plan to attend a college that is fit for me. As of now, I am undecided on what I would like to study in college, but I am spirited about math and the engineering field, as well as playing soccer in college. I am looking to achieve academic scholarships as well learn work experience, and I hope to start my path on some long-term career goals.

Poole, Brady

Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Westminster College for a five year masters degree program in Sports Management. I was also recruited to play football for Westminster. After graduation from Westminster I am looking to pursue a career in the Sports Management field with a professional sports organization.

Pore, Emily

Armstrong Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to further my education at the College of Charleston with a major in Chemistry. I have always been committed to excelling academically and using my capacities to better the world. With my perseverance and love of learning, I desire to be a prominent addition to my chosen field. My ultimate aim is to seek a career in the medical field and employ my passion for knowledge to truly benefit those around me. It is my utmost priority to continuously contribute positively to the lives of others.

Reese, Morgan

Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend Duquesne University on an academic scholarship in hopes of pursuing a career in Nursing. I then plan to further my profession, specializing in Neonatology and Pediatrics. While attending Duquesne University, I may considering continuing my Cheerleading career.

Reith, Lydia

Serra Catholic High School, 12

I plan on attending Duquesne University to pursue a major in Applied Math and Computer Science. With this degree, I hope to create assistive math technologies for children with diverse special needs. I want to create tools, apps, or games for these children that will create a positive impact in their lives that will empower them in their future and will contribute to their overall academic growth and well-being.

Robertson, Zoe

Ligonier Valley High School, 11

After high school, I plan to attend a 4 year university and pursue a degree in engineering. I love chemistry and physics, but space will always have a special space in my heart. I will use my degree to continue space research efforts internationally. Furthermore, I want to be an inspiration to other young women interested in science and math. Philanthropy has also been incredibly important to me; I want to use what I acquire in life to help others.

Ross, Charles

St. Joseph High School, 12

For my future, I plan on attending college in pursuit of an Accounting degree. I am mainly interested in the field of business and plan to use the principles taught in Accounting to formulate what avenue of business I would like to pursue. In high school, I learned what it means to be a leader that others respect and follow; by using what I have learned, I am confident that I will be able to create a business I have passion for and, in turn, give back to the community that helped me succeed.

Scariot, Victoria

A.W. Beattie Career Center, 12

I plan to attend Penn West California for their Veterinary Technology program. After I graduate, I want to take my VTNE, once I pass That would like to start out working with small animals and work my way up to large animals, like horses.

Schall, Karma

Greensburg Salem High School, 11

After high school i plan to attend The University of Pittsburgh where I plan to go into a medical study specalizing in pediatrics.

Schiano di Cola, Luca

St. Joseph High School, 11

As a junior in high school, I hope to continue my extra curricular activities, helping out with my community, and maintaining the highest honor roll. I plan on attending college with a major focusing in the business field. After graduating college, I hope to use the skills and ideas I learn and implement them into my family’s restaurant. I plan on expanding the business with my brothers once my parents retired since they have inspired me to be as successful as them.

Schratz, David

St. Joseph High School, 11

I plan to attend a university to study English and theology. After, I hope to work in the publishing industry.

Schrecengost, Ava

Armstrong Junior/Senior High School, 11

I plan on going to a four-year college in Pennsylvania and staying close to my family. I want to major in chemistry. I plan on pursuing a career as a pharmaceutical chemist or biochemist.

Scott, Ryan

Pine-Richland High School, 12

My future plans have been anything but definitive: from becoming a filmmaker, to engineer, to a music producer, then programmer, and finally an entrepreneur. However, I am currently planning on pursuing a business-related program at an undergraduate university, and will continue to write music, produce films, create innovative technology, and expand impactful philanthropic programs.

sever, gianna

Burrell High School, 11

My future plans are to attend college at a 4-year school to purse nursing. I want to become a travel nurse to help others while having the opportunity to also explore the world. This experience will allow me to give back to different communities while experiencing new things.

Shin, Michael

Fox Chapel Area High School, 12

After I graduate from Fox Chapel Area High School, I intend to attend college and graduate in 5 years with a Bachelor of Architecture. During these years, I hope to experience not only the academic side of architecture but also the humanitarian side. By leaving Pittsburgh, I hope to experience new areas of the country and the world, as architecture is truly worldly.

Shine, Mikaela

Derry Area Senior High School, 12

In first grade, I was extremely discouraged by my lack of ability in math, but my teacher patiently helped me, believing in me. At home, I would confidently mimic her encouragement as I taught my stuffed animals, unknowingly reinforcing learning. Looking back, my first grade self could not imagine excelling in AP Calculus 11 years later. Thus, as numerous teachers have inspired me, I aspire to become a creative and compassionate elementary teacher who ignites passionate learning in my students.

Smarick, Heather

Norwin High School, 12

In the fall, I’ll be attending college. (I’m still waiting to hear back from a few, but so far have been accepted to University of Michigan, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, and William and Mary!) I plan on studying Anthropology and Earth Science, with a minor in Spanish. I will continue figure skating and dancing at whatever school I end up attending. Beyond college, I intend on pursuing another academic degree and potentially researching in the social science field.

Snyder, Mary

Carlynton Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to go to a college (thus far uncommitted) for environmental engineering. I’d like to do a semester abroad and internships, then get a job in the field. Hopefully, my work will be impactful on the world, not just private companies. I’ll have a nice place and a Corgi.

Spak, Miriam

Pittsburgh Obama (The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies), 11

After graduation, I plan on attending a 4-year university to study English and public policy. I hope to take the necessary prerequisites for medical school and study to become an obstetrician. I also hope to engage in meaningful volunteer work and join the Peace Corps someday. I firmly believe that charity begins at home, so my biggest goal is to uplift and support those around me in whatever profession and location I choose,

Sroufe, Alexandra

Fox Chapel Area High School, 12

I plan to further my education and attend a 4-year college in the fall of 2024 majoring in Political Science and Psychology. My career goal is to work in Public Policy/ the Social Service Field where I can help minorities and individuals facing adversity. I want to study abroad and continue traveling the world and experiencing new cultures and ways of life. Volunteer work is crucial to me! I plan to continue volunteering, participating, and leading community-centered service projects.

Staniszewski, Daniel

St. Joseph High School, 12

After graduating from Saint Joseph High School, I will continue my studies at Franciscan University of Steubenville, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. I hope eventually to fly private jets for corporations, which I am already preparing for as I have earned my Private Pilot License. Throughout college, I will continue in flight training to eventually my Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot Licenses as well.

Starkey, Alyssa

Apollo-Ridge High School, 12

Plans to attend Slippery Rock Universities Honors College for a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with a Master’s of Education and a minor in theatre.