Outstanding Young Citizen Awardees


2024 Outstanding Young Citizens

will be announced Thursday, April 25!

Congratulations to our 2024 Outstanding Young Citizens.


Como, Evan

Thomas Jefferson High School, 12

In the future, I plan on attending Waynesburg University to pursue a major in accounting. It has always been important to me to service others which I plan to continue by contributing to mission or service trips while attending University. I would like to become successful in the future so that I can continue my passions and help others in any way possible.

Conner, Eva

Canon-McMillan High School, 11

I am doing dual enrollment as a high school senior while attending CCAC under the TAP program for AHN. I am looking forward to becoming a radiology technologist and after my 2 years of schooling and 2 years of working under the contract, I will further my education by advancing to MRI or going back to school to become a radiologist.

Dong, Boshi

Upper St. Clair High School, 12

I plan on majoring in economics and hope to obtain a Ph.D. in the field one day. I also am considering minoring in Computer Science or Environmental Science, but both these plans may change after I start college. Beyond academics, I hope to explore different clubs and organizations around campus and continue swimming as a club sport.

Farrell, Gary

Hampton High School, 12

I plan to study Statistics and Machine Learning along with an interest in Computer Science or Cybersecurity in college. I have a lifelong love of math and this field will help me combine my love of math with cutting edge advancements in technology. I am interested in exploring study abroad opportunities because I believe it is important to have a global perspective as we work together. I plan to continue my leadership roles in college by being involved in Student Government or other clubs.

Ferrante, Dylan

St. Joseph High School, 11

I plan to go to college and study computer science.

Garsteck, Nikki

Greensburg Salem High School, 12

My future plans include going to Seton Hill University to major in flute and music therapy in order to become a certified music therapist.

Gesinski, Riley

Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 12

My future plans include going to college to become a Physician Assistant and also play college soccer.

Giorgi, Maria

Trinity High School, 12

I am so excited to say I will be attending the University of Alabama this fall! I will be majoring in Criminology / Criminal Justice with a Pre-Law focus. I have been accepted into the Honors College and received a competitive scholarship through the university that covers my entire tuition for four years. From there, I plan to attend law school and pursue a career in the legal field or with the FBI. Roll Tide!

Gulati, Shaurya

The Kiski School, 11

I am currently doing independent research under the mentorship of a Ph.D. candidate student from Yale University in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. I want to actively pursue a career exploring the unique intersection of computer science and biology. To achieve this, I am currently taking honors and advanced courses with a GPA of 100.7/100, In addition to my curriculum, I am also doing an independent study this semester in AI / ML and plan to continue this next year.

Hagen, Abby

Mars High School, 11

I plan to pursue a four-year degree in a STEM-related field. The field of STEM has always been one that piques my interest and challenges me in an enriching way. My goal is to find a fitting career that will utilize my problem-solving, organizational, and leadership skills. I hope to be a wife and mother while remaining very involved with my church and community, serving in any way I am called to.

Hairston, Drew

Serra Catholic High School, 12

I plan to attend Allegheny College as a student-athlete and pursue a degree in Business/Communications. Next, I want to earn my Master’s of Business Administration and establish myself in the business sector. One day, I hope to be the CEO of my very own company.

Hardaway, Ava

Greensburg Salem High School, 12

I plan to attend Duquesne University in the fall to major in Sports Information and Media. My future plans are to pursue a future in the sports industry with a local professional Pittsburgh sports team. I will also be dancing at the collegiate level on the Dukette Dance Team.

Harden, Caroline

Riverview Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to major in nursing at a 4 year University.

Heckert, Sam

Pine-Richland High School, 11

I plan to attend college to study pre-med and play either football or baseball at the collegiate level. My goal after college is to become an anesthesiologist.

Hoover, Sabrina

Burrell High School, 11

After high school, I plan to continue my interest in medicine by pursuing a 5-year accelerated physician assistant program. I have always had a strong desire to improve the lives of others in my community, and I hope to be able to do so through my chosen career.

Huang, Viki

New Brighton High School, 12

I will attend Boston College’s Carroll School of Management to major in Operations Management and look forward to exploring other fields for another major/minor. I also hope to continue my work to help expand Math 4 Girls and PupilPrep, so there will be more learning opportunities for kids who lack learning resources.

Hurley, Molly

Springdale Junior/Senior High School, 11

I plan to graduate from high school and attend a 4-year college in the STEM field while continuing to stay active in my college and local community.

Jin, Yijun

Shady Side Academy, 11

My future plans are to continue participating in computer science and STEM related courses and activities in her high school years. She will attend a four-year college and wish to double major in computer science and art. She is continuously looking forward to learning and studying in this field and is hoping to obtain her PHD in a STEM related area.

Jones, Kevionna

Clariton Middle and High School, 12

For my future plans I would like to go into the culinary field and also become an event planner. I would like to get a degree in hospitality management and tourism and/or business management.

Kartychak, Bobby

West Allegheny High School, 11

I know for sure that I want to attend a four-year college or university. Where I’m unsure is my career, however currently my two favorite ideas is being either an urban planner or an attorney of some kind. I really like constitutional law, so maybe specialize in that!

Kashak, Dylan

Serra Catholic High School, 11

I intend on going to college to study Mechanical Engineering.

Kathju, Avni

Sewickley Academy, 11

I am very interested in human health and welfare, especially in being able to help meet the healthcare needs of medically underserved communities, both here in the US and globally. I plan to major in Global Health with a focus on the Biological Sciences to provide me with the background I need to be involved in initiatives like improving access to healthcare facilities, providing health education and outreach programs, and advocating for policies that address systemic barriers to good health.

Klavon, Nickolas

Hempfield Area High School, 11

Plan on attending college to pursue a Degree in Education.

Kreinbrook, Anna

St. Joseph High School, 12

After high school, I will be attending The Catholic University of America. I am enrolled in the Bush School of Business and the University Honors Program there and will study both Business and Marketing. I will also play basketball at the next level, competing in the Landmark Conference. I plan to further my leadership skills through the Bush ambassadors program and be involved in community outreach.

Kubistek, Cole

Norwin High School, 12

I plan to attend college to earn a degree in Computer Science and Film Studies at a college university.