Elite Top 100

John “Jack” Harden

Riverview Junior/Senior High School, 12

Michele Harden
Tony Harden

Academic Achievement

Senior Class President (student council 3 years), President – 1 Year
University Of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony High School Scholarship Award, scholarship awardee – 1 Year
National Honor Society- member 2 years, Secretary – 1 Year
Model United Nations-member 4 years, Ambassador to Rome Model UN 2019,, President – 1 Year
Western PA History Day- documentary winner 1st place, Columbia 3rd 2020, Princeton 3rd 2018,2020, Carnegie Mellon 3rd 2018, Regional documentary winner- Tiananmen Square – 1 Year

Extracurricular Activities

Varsity Golf- (4 years Varsity), Captain – 2 Years
Varsity Basketball (2 years JV, 2 years Varsity), Member – 2 Years
Band, Jazz Band -trumpet section leader, Musical Pit Orchestra player, Member – 4 Years
STEM competitions:Bots IQ, Shaler STEAM, Calcu-solve, Sam Rhine Genetics, Member – 4 Years
Cyber Patriot -4 years: Carnegie Mellon University Certificate Cyber Challenge 2017, Member – 4 Years

Community Involvement

First Tee Pittsburgh- 3 Lakes Golf Course site, volunteer coach – 3 Years
Allegheny Valley Hospital- Emergency Department Volunteer, ED volunteer – 2 Years
Volunteer trumpet player Taps: Oakmont Elks and American Legion Memorial Day parade, trumpet player volunteer – 3 Years
Oakmont Kerr Museum Volunteer, volunteer docent – 3 Years


I plan to attend a 4 year university and to serve in the military. (I have received a national Naval ROTC scholarship and a 4 year Public school Air Force ROTC scholarship. I also have received nominations to attend 3 United States Service Academies, but no appointment yet. Therefore, I really don’t know what I am going to do until I receive all information. I also have been accepted to Washington and Jefferson’s program for a bachelors/medical school degree with Lecom). Decision Unknown.