Elite Top 100

Alexander, Abigail

Fox Chapel Area High School, 11

Summer 2019 Global Leadership Adventures (GLA) volunteering in Guatemala
Spring 2019 trip to Costa Rica with Fox Chapel Spanish Department
Run for Vice President of Social Activism Club
Completion of Fox Chapel Global Scholars Program for graduation
Continuation of all of the annual extra-curricular activities listed above
Applying to and attending a four-year university with a focus in international studies, advocacy, and the Spanish language

Andree, Megan

Kiski Area High School, 12

I will be attending Franklin & Marshall College to study Computer Science as part of the 3-2 Engineering Program and continue my athletic career in softball. After three years at F&M, I hope to finish at Case Western Reserve University and obtain a Bachelor’s degree as a Computer Engineer.

Bartel, Nickolas

North Hills Senior High School, 12

My plans are to pursue a double major of Political Science and Environmental Science in college and to study abroad. Due to the over 30 college credits that I will be bringing in, it will help me immensely to accomplish my goal of a double major. After college, I want to go to either into law school or graduate school. Following one of those two paths, I want to work to create environmental policy on the international level for groups such as the UN or the US State Department.

Bence, Mary

Aquinas Academy, 12

I plan to go to college, but I am still waiting to be accepted to five out of eight of the schools to which I applied. I want to continue dancing in college and write for my college’s newspaper. I want to explore interdisciplinary opportunities where I combine my love of anatomy, math, writing, and French. I hope to find a career where I can include all of my passions-even though they are extremely different.

Blenko, Charles

Norwin High School, 12

Following graduation from high school this spring, I will attend Penn State University’s main campus to study civil engineering. I would like to complete my undergraduate studies there and earn a masters in the field as well.
Ideally, I see myself working for an engineering consulting firm in the Pittsburgh area. I want to give back to the region that raised me by employing my math skills to build bridges and design the infrastructure of tomorrow.

Boyd, Morgan

Serra Catholic High School, 12

When I am older, I want to become a researcher; I plan to dedicate my time to learning about the brain. I aim to go to college and earn a bachelor’s degree, and ultimately a PhD, in neuroscience. I hope to use my skills to make important discoveries about the brain that will eventually lead to the understanding and reduction of abnormalities within it.


Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 12

For me, music is the foundation for a better harmony of life. Music, the universal language and bridge to connect different societies and people together, inspires me, motivates me, and helps me grow as an individual. Music has taught me patience, perseverance, and a positive working attitude. My plans are dedicated to pursuing my passion for music and performance and to use these skills to help others foster expression, gain confidence, and manage stress and anxiety.

Brewer, Patrick

Greensburg Central Catholic High School, 11

The impact of my father’s fight to overcome cancer has driven my desire to major in genetics/medicine, become a physician, then conduct research to improve cancer treatments and ultimately find a cure for cancer. I plan to both wrestle and compete as a decathlete at the NCAA Division 1 level. My commitment to community will grow stronger with positions of higher leadership in Habitat for Humanity and serving at food banks and shelters, as well as volunteer youth coaching.

Calisti, Noah

Greensburg Salem High School, 11

I plan to attend college and major in a statistics field. Also I hope to continue running cross country and track at the collegiate level. Overall, I want to have a positive impact on the world around me.

Callahan, Brenna

Leechburg Area High School, 11

With the right grades, test scores, and community involvement, I hope to get into one of my dream schools. Once in college, I plan to double major in global studies and journalism, with a minor in law and society. After I complete my undergrad, I will go to law school to become a civil rights attorney, so that I can one day help those who cannot speak for themselves. Ultimately, these accomplishments will all contribute to a goal I have had since fourth grade: President of the United States.

Callender, Marissa

Highlands High School, 12

My plans are to attend a four year college or university to major in biochemistry and minor in both Spanish and communications. After I receive these degrees I plan to attend Medical School to become a Pediatric Oncologist. I also plan to continue my Holiday 365 for my community. Holiday 365 is a program that I started myself. With Holiday 365, I collect toys, clothes and other items for families during the Holiday seasons. I have done this for two years and continue to do it even when I leave.

Carter, Katrina

Valley High School, 12

Fervid to succor those populations forsaken to public solicitude’s crevices, I yearn to advocate for mental healthcare in incarcerated individuals and serve as a psychiatrist in homeless outreach, my practice espousing both the psycho-therapeutic and medicinal to proffer holistic treatment and mitigate the field’s associated pitfalls. Moreover, I long to conduct research into the brain’s interactions with a given medication class, perhaps someday unfurling a facet of their discriminate efficacy.

Chung, Andrew

Greensburg Salem High School, 12

Combining my interests in STEM and the humanities, I hope to engineer modern solutions that reflect the diversities in today’s interconnected world. To do so, I plan on attending a university where I can pursue interdisciplinary studies in engineering and global studies.

Clarke, Hanna

Valley High School, 11

I plan to attend college with a dual major in elementary education and special education.

Coleman III, Ronald

Kiski Area High School, 12

I plan to attend a 4-year university, yet to be determined, to pursue a major in International Relations. I would like to study abroad and acquire skills in the field of international business in the hopes of achieving a career with a globally based company in the future.

Collins, Mallory

Norwin High School, 12

I plan to attend Allegheny College in the fall, pursuing a degree in biology and a minor in psychology. In addition to my academics I plan to join the dance ensemble Orchesis, as an effort to incorporate my passion of dance to enhance my college experience. After my time at Allegheny, I plan to attend medical school, and eventually achieve my goal of becoming a doctor, specializing in trauma.

Como, Mia

Thomas Jefferson High School, 12

I have been accepted into the pharmacy programs at both Duquesne University and the University of Pittsburgh. I plan to attend one of these two universities and hope to pursue a doctorate degree for pharmacy. I would like to eventually complete a residency in a hospital and to later specialize in pediatrics.

Cox, Cameron

Derry Area Senior High School, 12

Currently, I am planning on majoring in Business with a focus on Information Systems. I do not know where I am going to pursue my Bachelors degree but some schools of interest include, the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Chicago, Saint Vincent, and Seton Hill.

Crankovic, Grace

Pine-Richland High School, 12

I plan to attend a four-year college majoring in Business with the intention of applying to law school following graduation. I also hope to continue my competitive rowing career at the collegiate level.

Darkowski, Jessica

Seton-LaSalle High School, 12

I plan on attending Seton Hill University for the next five years. I have been accepted into the combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Physician Assistant program. I hope to travel to medically under served areas to provide medical care to those in need. I plan to continue my service work throughout the rest of my life.

Dawson, Sylvia

Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 12

After I return from my 10-month international exchange program to Spain, I plan on attending Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and studying Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences.

DeLuca, Christina

Penn-Trafford High School, 11

After completing high school, I plan on attending college to major in Biomedical engineering. While I am there, I plan on joining a reck soccer team to keep me active and to engage with my peers.

Deutsch, Aaron

Penn-Trafford High School, 12

After high school, I plan to study mechanical engineering in college. As a mechanical engineer I hope to be able to design, build, and test new machines and invent technologies so that they can improve the lives of people everywhere.

Dosch, Calista

Armstrong Junior/Senior High School, 12

I was accepted into the Honors College at Slippery Rock University, where I plan to become dual certified in Elementary Education and Special Education. I want my students to know that they can change the world before told otherwise. As well as teaching, I plan to continue volunteering at local, and global, levels. I also plan to stay involved within my church and its worship band.

Eppinger, Aria

Winchester Thurston, 11

I will pursue a career in biomedical data analytics, which I discovered through my science research and biomedical internships. I also intend to swim in college. Swimming has taught me to work hard, set goals, and be a team-player, skills that will serve me well in my analytics career. Through my volunteer work, I have seen how one person’s actions can make a big difference in someone else’s life. I will use my analytical and research skills to improve medical treatments and disease prevention.