Scholarship Review

Anna Doelling

Greater Latrobe Senior High School
Senior? Yes
Elite top 100? Yes
Letters of recommendation: Letter of Recommendation 1, Letter of Recommendation 2


Some of the ways I give back to my community are by volunteering at Excela Latrobe Hospital, cantoring at my church, and being in National Honor Society.

I have been volunteering at Excela Latrobe Hospital for nearly a year, and it is something that truly fulfills me. I interact with patients and help the nurses and technicians with their duties. Making admission bins for patients, folding patient belonging bags, and stocking carts in the emergency room, are just a few of the jobs I do to help things run smoothly in the hospital. I also train other volunteers to make sure they are able to properly perform their duties. In college, I hope to continue volunteering because it also gives me a good idea of what it is like to work in a medical workplace, for that is the career I hope to go into after I finish my education.

Almost every week I am able to cantor at my church for mass. Being able to sing every week brings me such great joy, but it brings others joy as well. After mass, people will come up to me and say how my singing brings them great joy even though they don’t know me. People have also told me that because I look so happy when I am singing, my singing brings them happiness as well. Cantoring has given me a sense of humbleness and an awareness of the world around me that I will carry with me throughout my life. In a world where people struggle with anxiety and mental illness, I’m glad I can make people happy if only for a short part of their day. I plan to continue cantoring after high school.

Along with these activities outside of school, I am also part of my school’s National Honor Society. We do service acts for our community such as donating toys to local children in need at Christmas time and having a book drive to donate to different charity causes. Because of being NHS, I wanted to give back a little bit more at Christmas time. I made 3 crochet hats to give to kids in need at my old elementary school. Although I didn’t get to see the results, it made me very happy to have been able to give something to kids to make their days a little brighter.

In college and in life, I plan to continue helping my community in any way that I can through volunteering and service work. Volunteering reminds me of a quote from Mr. Fred Rogers. He said, “There are three ways to ultimate success. The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.”

Thank you for considering my application.