Judge Review

Student – 58228

Academic Achievement

    • National Honor Society, Member – 2 Years
  • Career 4.5 GPA, N/A – 4 Years
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Varsity Football – Letterman, Member – 2 Years
  • Wrestling, Member – 1 Year
  • Best Buddies Club, Member – 2 Years
  • SADD Club, Member – 2 Years
  • Horizons Club, Member – 2 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • Children’s Hospital Heart Camp, Counselor – 2 Years
  • Plum Jr. High School Football, Coach – 2 Years
  • East Suburban Medicine, Volunteer – 1 Year
  • Plum Boro Youth Football Camp, Coach – 2 Years
  • Plans

    It should be noted; I was the varsity quarterback of my school’s football team as a freshman and a sophomore. After my sophomore season, I was diagnosed with a genetic heart disease that ended my athletic career. 18 months later I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I have become an annual counselor at Children’s Hospital Heart Camp. It is a camp for younger children with heart disease. I will be attending PITT (main campus) as a Pre-Med. I want to be a pediatric cardiologist.

    Student – 58263

    Academic Achievement

      • Hugh O’Brian Leadership Program, Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • Fox Chapel Area Branch of the AAUW-Exellence in STEM, Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • Annual World Affairs Institute for Student Leaders, Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • Global Scholars, Member – 3 Years
  • National Spanish Honor Society and National Honor Society, Member – 1 Year
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Be the Change Club, Co-President and Co-Founder – 1 Year
  • Marching Band, Member – 3 Years
  • Model United Nations, Member – 2 Years
  • Spanish Club, Treasurer – 2 Years
  • Social Activism Club, Member – 3 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Student Advocate – 2 Years
  • Supporting Our Valued Adolescents (SOVA) of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Blog Writer – 2 Years
  • “Bookish in the Burgh” TrustArts Program, Teen Ambassador – 2 Years
  • Anti-Discrimation Workshop, Coordinator and Presenter – 1 Year
  • Plans

    As this is slightly ambiguous, I can share a bit about my high school in the future. In terms of high school, I want to keep my grades at the current level while maintaining all the work I do to help the community and extracurriculars. Aside from what is mentioned above, I play recreational soccer and basketball; I work for my synagogue as a teaching assistant; I volunteer for many organizations such as Jewish Family Services and Backpacks for Hunger.

    Student – 58280

    Academic Achievement

      • KDKA TV Scholar-Athlete Extra Effort Award, Award Winner – 1 Year
  • National Honor Society, Secretary – 1 Year
  • Academic High Honors, 4.19 GPA – 4 Years
  • WesternPAFootball.net, All-Academic Gold Team – 2 Years
  • Perfect School Attendance Since Kindergarten, 13 Years – 4 Years
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Thomas Jefferson High School PIAA State Champion Varsity Football Team, Co-Captain – 2 Years – 4 Years
  • All Conference Football Honors – Offensive Tackle, 1st Team – 2 Years
  • Big Jag Little Cub • Correspond with elementary school students in the school district to create a network for young students to connect with high school mentors, Member – 2 Years
  • Thomas Jefferson High School Senior Ambassador • Host high school guests and perform tasks at the high school, Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • Community Involvement

      • Camp For the Stars • Mentor and coach male athletes with Down Syndrome who love football, enabling each player to learn the fundamentals that place them in the middle of the action, resulting in an authentic football experience, Coach/Mentor – 3 Years
  • JDRF Bag of Hope®• Provide motivation, inspiration and emotional support to groups of children newly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh by sharing my T1D journey and personal success story to demonstrate that effectively managing the disease enables those afflicted to not only survive, but to thrive, Motivational Speaker – 2 Years
  • JDRF• Visit retail partners during fundraising drive to meet with employees, share his T1D story, and thank both employees and customers for their support and donations, Ambassador – 1 Year
  • JDRF• Make a difference by coordinating mailings, performing data entry and other administrative duties to help achieve the ultimate goal of turning TYPE ONE into TYPE NONE, Office Assistant – 2 Years
  • Jefferson Hills Summer Reading Camp • Read to summer campers with a group of Varsity Football volunteers, Volunteer Reader – 1 Year
  • Plans

    After receiving offers to play Division I football at all eight Ivy League schools, my future plans are to continue my academic and football career at Princeton University in the fall of 2020.

    Student – 58338

    Academic Achievement

      • Carson Scholar (Scholarship for excelling academically and displaying humanitarian qualities), Recipient – 3 Years
  • Top Sophomore Score in Math League and Sophomore Chemistry Student of the Month, Recipient – 1 Year
  • Ruby Honor Roll (Highest Honor Roll) and Dean’s List, Member – 3 Years
  • Subject Medals (received for earning highest overall grade in a class) in World History, Literature 1, Biology, French 1, Algebra II, Band, US History Part 1, Geometry, Chemistry, French II, Early American Literature, Recipient – 2 Years
  • French Honor Society, President – 1 Year
  • National Honor Society, Member – 1 Year
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science (TEAMS), Member – 3 Years
  • Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, and Musical, Member – 3 Years
  • Science Bowl and Math League, Member – 3 Years
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Member – 2 Years
  • Westinghouse Science Honors Institute, Member – 1 Year
  • Community Involvement

      • St. Joseph Parish, Altar Server – 6 Years
  • Luciano’s Italian Brick Oven, Worker – 1 Year
  • City of Duquesne and Duquesne School District, Volunteer – 5 Years
  • Serra Catholic High School, Student Ambassador – 2 Years
  • Boy Scouts of America, Eagle Scout – 10 Years
  • Plans

    After high school, I plan on attending college for engineering. I adore my math and science classes at school and I try to be involved in the most activities relating to them. I was inspired to become an engineer after being taught by my sophomore geometry teacher. She is a former engineer and has had the biggest impact on my STEM education. I aspire to be just like her one day. Right now, my “dream” school that I am working towards is Carnegie Mellon University.

    Student – 58367

    Academic Achievement

      • Tribune Review, Young Outstanding Citizen, Elite 100: 2018-2019, Recipient – 1 Year
  • University of Pittsburgh- Governors School for Global and International Studies Graduate, 2019, Student – 1 Year
  • National Honors Society, Member – 2 Years
  • Stanford University Intensive Law and Trial Graduate, 2017, Student – 1 Year
  • World Affairs Day of Pittsburgh, 2018-2019, Student Delegate – 2 Years
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Student Council, School Board Representative – 4 Years
  • Interact Club, Member – 4 Years
  • Spanish Club, Member – 4 Years
  • Student of the Month Board, Creator – 3 Years
  • Volleyball, Captain – 4 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • Marconi Club Spaghetti Dinners and local pancake breakfasts, Volunteer – 4 Years
  • ShelterBox Project, Member – 1 Year
  • Iannis of Vandegrift, Server and Hostess – 1 Year
  • Global Links- Pittsburgh, Volunteer – 1 Year
  • Plans

    After graduation I plan to further my education as a double major in political science and economics with a minor in Arabic studies. I hope to be involved in the world around me in every way possible through service and take my love of fighting for others into law school. I plan to continue as a civil rights attorney invested in the rights of women and children in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Eventually, I will run for political office and one day become President of the United States.

    Student – 58385

    Academic Achievement

      • Society of Analytical Chemists Essay Contest award winner, 1st place and honorable mention – 3 Years
  • Scholastic Writing Awards winner, Silver Key and honorable mention – 3 Years
  • Highlander Pride Award for Extra Effort, recipient – 2 Years
  • AP Scholar with Honor Award, recipient – 1 Year
  • Highest Honors, Honor Roll, recipient – 4 Years
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Dance classes at Dance Workshop by Shari, Member – 4 Years
  • Marching Band Colorguard (section leader 1 yr), Member – 4 Years
  • French Club (member 4 yrs, president 3 yrs), President – 4 Years
  • Special Olympics Club, Member – 4 Years
  • Highlander Choir, Member – 4 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • volunteer at Baldwin Community United Methodist Church, Member – 3 Years
  • volunteer at Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church, Member – 1 Year
  • Youth Group, Member – 4 Years
  • tutor with the National Honor Society, Member – 2 Years
  • personal caretaker for an elderly neighbor, personal caretaker – 3 Years
  • Plans

    My educational goal is to receive my doctorate degree in physical or occupational therapy, and my personal goal is to care for others as my life’s work. I am still in the process of deciding which college to attend.

    Student – 58403

    Academic Achievement

      • The Rensselaer Medal, Award Recipient – 1 Year
  • The Challenge Program STEM Award, Award Recipient – 1 Year
  • American Legion Award Medal/ AP Scholar Award, Award Recipient – 1 Year
  • 10 AP Classes in 2 years: AP Chemistry, AP Language and Composition, AP U.S. History, AP Statistics, AP World History, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Literature and Composition, AP Calculus, Student – 2 Years
  • High Honor Roll/4.73 GPA/Anticipated Valedictorian, Student – 4 Years
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Brown Pre-College Program: Genome Hijackers-Studied the immunology of viral infections and genetic engineering; Completed a research project on programmable bacteria inducing cancer regression, Accepted Student – 1 Year
  • National Honor Society-Led officer and club meetings; Organized fundraisers, volunteering events and induction ceremony; Helped raise over $19,000 for the Salvation Army, Vice President – 2 Years
  • Orchestra-Performed in 4+ concerts a year; Played Christmas songs at schools, nursing homes and malls; Attended band trips in Nashville, Toronto, and Chicago, First Violin – 4 Years
  • Hometown High Q- Competed on a local television quiz show that tests students’ knowledge in various academic categories, placing 2nd overall; Organized team practices/ Cross Country- State qualifier and section champion; Varsity all 4 years; Led and organized workouts; Ran 35+ miles and competed in 3 meets and invitationals a week/ Track- Section champion; Led and organized workouts for the distance team; Competed in the 4 x 800m relay, 800m and 1 mile at meets and invitationals/ Club Soccer- Competed in a 2-week tournament in Southampton, England, placing 3rd; Played in games and tournaments throughout the northeast; Practices year round, Captain – 4 Years
  • French Club- Led club meetings and voting procedures; Organized field trips, club events and fundraisers; Collected member dues and monitored club funds/ History Club- 1st Place Senior Group Exhibit Regional History Day and 5th Place Senior Group Exhibit State History Day/ Biology and Consumer Science Laboratory Aide, President – 4 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • Presbyterian Senior Care in the Physical Therapy Department, Volunteer – 8 Years
  • Pittsburgh Marathon/Oakmont 5k Race, Volunteer – 3 Years
  • Salvation Army, Volunteer – 4 Years
  • Merante’s Gifts, Assistant Baker – 4 Years
  • The Lot at Edgewater, Host – 2 Years
  • Plans

    After graduation, I plan on pursuing my passion for science and medicine by majoring in biochemistry, attending medical school and becoming a doctor, specializing in oncology or anesthesiology, so I can focus my energy on easing the suffering of society’s most vulnerable.

    Student – 58491

    Academic Achievement

      • Science Research Team, Member – 2 Years
  • Bayers School of Natural and Environmental Sciences Dean’s Award for Overall Excellence, Award- PJAS – 1 Year
  • Directors Award of Microbiology, Award- PJAS – 1 Year
  • Directors Award of Botany, Award- PJAS – 1 Year
  • Women in Science (Chemistry) Seton Hill University, Scholarship Award – 1 Year
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Ambassador Leader (Junior Year), Member – 1 Year
  • Softball (Captain Junior and Senior Year), Captain – 4 Years
  • Basketball (Junior and Senior Year), Member – 2 Years
  • Spartan Leadership Board (Senior Year- first year created), Member – 2 Years
  • Travel Softball (Pittsburgh Pride), Captain – 4 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • Sullivan Poultry Internship (Summer 2019), Member – 1 Year
  • Outreach Team, Member – 3 Years
  • Winning Keys Standard bred Farm Stable Hand, Member – 1 Year
  • Buffalo Valley Stables Stable Hand, Member – 2 Years
  • Plans

    I plan to attend either Texas A and M University or Auburn University as an Agricultural Engineering Major in the fall of 2020. This major choice has been sparked by my childhood experiences with animals, at both work and home, and my passion for the science and math departments. In addition to my college academic aspirations, I plan to be very involved in campus activities as a leader in some way, whether that be participating in softball or a club I become interested in.

    Student – 58532

    Academic Achievement

      • Presidential Volunteer Service Award, Award Recipient – 2 Years
  • National Honors Society, Member – 1 Year
  • Academic High Honor Roll, Award Recipient – 4 Years
  • Who’s Who in World Languages for Excellence in IB French 3 Award, Award Recipient – 1 Year
  • Distinguished Member of Key Club, Award Recipient – 1 Year
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • Vincentian Academy French Club, President – 2 Years
  • National Honors Society Dance Marathon, Board Member – 1 Year
  • Vincentian Academy Girls Varsity Basketball, Member – 3 Years
  • Vincentian Academy Royal Ambassador, Student Ambassador – 3 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • Internship at Soles4Souls (non-profit organization), Intern – 1 Year
  • Soles4Souls Mission Trips to Honduras & Costa Rica, Member – 2 Years
  • Saints John and Paul Parish Service Team, Member – 3 Years
  • Babysitting and Part-time Nanny, Employee – 7 Years
  • Vincentian Academy Campus Ministry, Member – 4 Years
  • Plans

    I plan to pursue a degree in finance with a minor in economics. After graduating, I would like to work for a large corporation with a strong community involvement culture so that I can have a balance between capitalism and giving back. I hope to work my way up the corporate ladder and eventually become a CFO. I plan to continue to nurture the same volunteer work that I have started in high school and lend my business skills to other nonprofits that are involved in global economic recovery.

    Student – 58554

    Academic Achievement

      • 4.0 Student (2016-2020), Student Ambassador – 4 Years
  • The Distinguished Alumni Award (2018), Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • Academic Excellence Award (2018), Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • The Outstanding Young Citizens Award (2019), Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • The Fight For Freedom Continues Award (2020), Student Ambassador – 1 Year
  • Extracurricular Activities

      • African American Centers for Advanced Studies Executive Committee, President – 4 Years
  • The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies, President – 2 Years
  • Young Black Motivated Kings and Queens, Member – 1 Year
  • Journey To Medicine, Student Ambassador – 4 Years
  • The National Honor Society, Member – 2 Years
  • Community Involvement

      • YMCA Youth & Government, Member – 4 Years
  • Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Youth Director – 4 Years
  • The Urban Academy of Greater Pittsburgh Charter School, Educator – 7 Years
  • Carnegie Library of East Liberty, Volunteer – 7 Years
  • United Voices Choir, Drummer – 12 Years
  • Plans

    Once I have graduated from Barack Obama Academy of International Studies, I plan on pursuing higher education at a college or university. I plan on majoring in Business and Political Science with aspirations of being a Superintendent of a school district. For years, I have been witness to professional development opportunities that train educators to understand the development of students. So I think my work as Superintendent of a school district would be most effective in the lives of others.