Maggie Adkins

North Hills Senior High School, 11

Ida Adkins

Academic Achievement

Student of the month. Received a certificate from the Challenge Program Inc. Connecting Business and Education. Earned 3rd place in States for Skills USA presented a 5-7 minute prepared speech. I received 1st in Districts this year and am currently on to compete in states for Skills USA in April of 2022., Member – 1 Year

Extracurricular Activities

Tennis, Swim, Lacrosse, Member – 1 Year
5K runs, Member – 4 Years
youth triathlons, Member – 4 Years
Ski Club, Member – 1 Year
Treasurer of SKills USA at Beattie tech school, Member – 1 Year

Community Involvement

Babysit for multiple families, Member – 4 Years
Volunteer at Grace Manor, Member – 1 Year
Volunteered at Christ Church Grove Farm Summer Camp, Member – 1 Year
Attend Orchard Hill, Member – 1 Year
Christ Church Grove farm, New community, and Allison park church youth group., Member – 4 Years


My plans are currently uncertain, they may include college or seeking full time employment. When I complete high school I will receive a sports medicine certification from Beattie Tech. Sports medicine may be a possible career choice. I also hope one day I might own a Bed and Breakfast. I am interesting in obtaining a career that will help people. I enjoy having an impact on peoples’ lives in a positive way.