Mia Lowry

Oakland Catholic High School, 11

Angela Lowry
William Lowry

Academic Achievement

Joan of Arc Scholarship, Member – 4 Years
National Honor Society, Member – 1 Year
Joan of Arc Society, Member – 3 Years
Highest Honor (4.0 GPA or higher), Member – 3 Years

Extracurricular Activities

Club soccer, Captain – 4 Years
High school soccer, Captain – 3 Years
Student Council, Senator – 3 Years
Student Ambassador, Member – 3 Years
Global Competence Initiative, Member – 3 Years

Community Involvement

Church Outreach Volunteer, Member – 5 Years
ENGin Program Tutor (Ukranian/English speaking practice), Member – 2 Years
Strive2Thrive Tutor, Member – 1 Year
Church Youth Organization Basketball, Member – 3 Years


I am striving to go to the University of Notre Dame and major in science and business. As a future business leader, I know that I will need to reach not only the minds but also the hearts of others to be able to recognize and implement ethical solutions to society’s problems. I want to continue my volunteer work and remain engaged in my community and integrate service work into my career.