Outstanding Young Citizen Awardees


2024 Outstanding Young Citizens

will be announced Thursday, April 25!

Congratulations to our 2024 Outstanding Young Citizens.


Myle O´Toole

Plum Senior High School, 11

Todd O´Toole

Academic Achievement

Skills USA Medical Math Silver Medalist, Contestant – 1 Year
Skills USA Medical Math Bronze Medalist, Contestant – 1 Year
High Honor Roll, Student Ambassador – 2 Years
Skills USA Leadership Conference Inductee, Student Ambassador – 1 Year
National Technical Honor Society Inductee, Student Ambassador – 1 Year

Extracurricular Activities

Unified Bocce Team, Member – 2 Years
Girl Scouts Of America, Member – 4 Years
Musical Instrument (Piano), Member – 1 Year
Art Club, Member – 2 Years
Unified Bocce Team, Captain – 1 Year

Community Involvement

Spaghetti Dinner, Member – 1 Year
Ronald McDonald House, Member – 1 Year
Currently Employed, Associate – 1 Year
Babysitting, Member – 1 Year


My steps toward the future, I envision a career dedicated to making an impact in the field of health. I plan on getting a degree in a relevant field such as Medicine, Nursing, or Health Science that will help me with the understanding of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and health care systems. I intend to immerse myself into the world of health care by securing employment whether it is at a hospital, clinic, or research facility. My future is not set, but I am hopeful to leave a huge mark.