Outstanding Young Citizen Awardees


2023 Outstanding Young Citizens

Congratulations to all of our Outstanding Young Citizens.


Jennifer Phan

St. Joseph High School, 11

Wendy Duong

Academic Achievement

Harvard Debate Council High Degree of Honor, Student Ambassador – 1 Year
Congressional Debate District 16 Champion, President – 1 Year
Columbia University Honors – Poverty & Population: How Demographics Shape Policy, Student – 1 Year
National Forensics League Degree of Distinction, President – 3 Years
Polygence & Stanford University Research Scholar, Student Ambassador – 1 Year

Extracurricular Activities

Founder of the National Activism Association, President – 2 Years
Midwest Regional Coordinator for Coalition Z, Executive Board Member – 1 Year
Programs Director for High School Democrats of Pennsylvania, Executive Board Member – 1 Year
Empowering Women Club, President – 1 Year
Speech & Debate Club, President – 3 Years

Community Involvement

Aiding LGBTQIA+ Refugees in Kakuma, Kenya, President – 4 Years
Talk Saves Lives Presenter & Field Advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Student Ambassador – 3 Years
Activist for the Fund of Global Human Rights, Student Ambassador – 3 Years
National Alliance on Mental Illness Advocate, Student Ambassador – 3 Years


Our political climate is an altering puzzle of shifting dynamics and transforming complexities. Although I may never be able to assemble each puzzle piece to form a perfect world due to its convolution, each piece is worthwhile. The intricacy gravitates me toward the mysteries and challenges facing our globe. As I intend on attending college in the Fall of 2024, the varying distinctions and disciplines presented through double-majoring in International Relations and Political Science will allow