Thank you for your interest in our Outstanding Young Citizen Program. Our program has ended for this school year, but will be back up and running mid-December for nominating next year’s student candidates. We had an incredibly impressive group of students to choose from this year. Below are our Top 10 Gold Medal winners, and Scholarship winner for each Region. We have also included links to the digital Special Sections, featuring the biographies of the Top 50 student’s in each region. Thank you again for your participation in our program.

South & West

Top Left - Right: Juliana Kochis, Alexiss Langton, Cassandra Lignelli, Victoria Cotter. Bottom Left - Right: John Kist, Alexandria Taylor, Vishmayaa Saravanan, Adam Blank (Scholarship Winner), Kiali Ranade, Stephen Yamalis. Not pictured: Brandon Keller - Click here for the digital special section


Left - Right: Sarah Fiano, Hannah Dillon, Benjamin Catalano, Andrew Colebank, Kenneth Clark Jr., Davis Simon (Gold Medal and Scholarship Winner), Noah Chovanec, Dylan Ringer, Natalie Cignetti, Zachary Remaley - Click here for the digital special section


Top Left - Right: Jennifer Urban, Rachel Pastor, John Matthews, Joseph Rogers, Hannah Winchell. Bottom Left - Right: Emma Anselmo (Scholarship Winner), Cody Kazousky, Shannon Stirling, Mary Komandt. Not Pictured: McKenzie Gordon and Douglas Hough - Click here for the digital special section


Left - Right: Arlind Karpuzi, Annie Roble, Natalie Milas, Allison Bartoszewicz, Calista Frederick-Jaskiewicz, Andrew Nussbaum (Scholarship), Zachary Skirpan, Hayley Wyeth, Robert Bertha. Not Pictured: Bailyn Bench and Stanley Marciniak III - Click here for the digital special section