Elite Top 100


2021’s Elite Top 100 Outstanding Young Citizens!


Roshna Bhattarai

Baldwin High School, 12

Deuki Bhattarai

Academic Achievement

Distinguished Graduate, Member – 4 Years
Highlander Pride: Hard Worker, Member – 1 Year

Extracurricular Activities

Baldwin Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team, Captain – 2 Years
Global Minds Initiative, Field Trip Coordinator – 2 Years
Global Minds Initiative, Communications specialist – 2 Years
Service Club, Member – 4 Years
National Honors Society, Member – 2 Years

Community Involvement

Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP), Translator – 3 Years
Elementary/middle school/high school tutor, Tutor – 2 Years
Children of Shangri Lost (community volunteer effort), Earth Day Coordinator – 3 Years
Casa San Jose Food Distribution (Covid-19 assistance), Team Coordinator – 1 Year
South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) volunteer, Volunteer – 4 Years


My persual of an English major will connect me with the resources that will advance my passions such as the encouragement of sustainable habits. My fondness for the English subject extends beyond literary texts; over the course of my high school career, I have developed a keen interest in exploring human anatomy and physiology. Through interdisciplinary opportunities, I will pursue my interest in the medical field while simultaneously advancing my abilities to delegate, assess, and interpret.