Elite Top 100


2021’s Elite Top 100 Outstanding Young Citizens!


Hiles, Jennifer

Ligonier Valley High School, 12

I plan to attend Allegheny College as a Biology or Biomedical Engineering major with the goal of attending Medical School to be a Pediatrician.

Hoffmann, Hannah

Oakland Catholic High School, 12

I plan to attend a four year university after graduation, pursuing a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences or Statistics. I plan on using this education to pursue a career in the medical and health sciences field, specifically in biostatistics or research and development.

Hooper, Sarah

Mars High School, 11

I plan on attending a four-year college to pursue a career in medicine and ultimately become an orthopedic or trauma surgeon. I would like to continue swimming in college at the club or intramural level. My plan is to continue to volunteer in the community with programs involving swimming, healthcare, and academics. I am working with Mars High School to establish a free math tutoring program for high school students that also provides advanced students with volunteer opportunities.

Horne, Danielle

Fox Chapel Area High School, 11

After graduating, I plan to further my education by attending a four-year college or university. I have interest in many fields of study including engineering, architecture, theology, design, and entrepreneurship. I have yet to decide which field to commit to, but I know I will continue to participate in athletics and play the piano in college. I also plan on studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country to further my understanding of the language and culture, and to gain real life experiences.

Hornsby, Lauren

Riverview Junior/Senior High School, 12

I plan to go to the University of South Carolina to study International Relations and minor in Spanish on the Pre-Law track.

Hrivnak, Richie

Central Catholic High School, 12

I plan to attend Western Michigan University in the Fall 2021 to pursue a degree in Aviation. I will become a pilot. I plan to continue volunteering and possibly fly children in the Make A Wish program to be able to participate in their wishes. I hope to use my skills to help others and give glory to God.

Hunker, Laneah

Mt Pleasant Area Junior/Senior High School, 11

My goal is to pursue a career in Environmental Science. I am planning on attending Waynesburg University.

Hyland, Dale

St. Joseph High School, 12

I have been applying for the seminary throughout this entire school year. I will most likely learn of my acceptance into the program in mid-April. God-willing, I will be accepted, and then I will become a priest for the Diocese of Greensburg in about a decade.

Johnson, Alyse

Riverview Junior/Senior High School, 12

After graduation, I plan to attend a university with a freshman-entry Physical Therapy PhD program. I’d love to know that my future job could make a direct difference in the quality of life for someone else.

Kang, Megan

Hampton High School, 11

I plan to pursue further education after graduating from Hampton High School. I am passionate about writing and politics, so I may professionally write and focus on studying political science. I want to stay engaged and contribute further to my community while telling stories I have to share.

Katzfey, Haley

Pine-Richland High School, 11
Top Ten

My plans are to continue my education and and pursue my passions of helping others. Ever since I was in middle school, I have dedicated close to 1,000 hours of my time in service to those in need. I continue to pursue opportunities to not only serve, but to lead others and get them involved in service. My involvement has allowed me to bring in many friends in service and have found a niche in leadership and sales, which is what I plan to study in the future.

Kaynar, Alptug

Winchester Thurston, 12

I plan on attending Columbia University this fall, with and undecided major, and to continue rowing on their Men’s Lightweight Team. I plan on continuing to tutor Burak (my friend from Turkey whom I am helping with English). Additionally, I plan on becoming a music mentor for an ongoing study that I am participating in. And finally, I plan on being an active member of my college community and helping anyone who needs it.

Klatt, Michael

Southmoreland High School, 12

I am planning on double majoring in Political Science and Economics in college and minoring in Spanish. I hope to eventually get a JD in Economic and Business Law, a Master’s Degree in Economics, and eventually a Ph.D. in Economics as well. I aspire to open a law firm in or around the DC area, working with companies who are merging, splitting, or are being bought out. After establishing a career for myself in the field of law, I hope to someday be a professor of Economics or Statistics.

Klucinec, Lily

Plum Senior High School, 12

I plan to attend a four-year institution for computer science/computer engineering.

Kokoski, Kennedy

Ligonier Valley High School, 12

I have been accepted into Saint Francis University where I plan to obtain a Chemistry degree with a focus on Forensic Science.During college I plan to continue the legacy I have with community involvement and make a college experience for myself that is unforgettable! After my 4 years at Saint Francis I plan to attend the Mortuary School of Science to obtain a mortician certification. Possibly one day owning my own funeral home!

Koloc, William

Central Catholic High School, 12

I have yet to decide what university that I will attend or the exact major that I will pursue, but I know that I will always strive to immerse myself in multidisciplinary learning experiences. Rather than limiting myself to a specific discipline or way of thinking, I love philosophy and calculus, neurology and linguistics, etc. My plans for the future are to have a diverse liberal arts college education that allows me to make connections across areas of study that no one even thinks to consider.

Krug, Jeffrey

Apollo-Ridge High School, 12

My goal is to earn a Bachelor of Science in computer science. After that, I hope to obtain a position in software development, designing software for computers or robotics. Eventually, I will go on to earn a Master’s and ultimately a Doctor of Philosophy degree. After that, I intend to continue working as a software developer, possibly focusing on artificial intelligence or cybersecurity. I hope that someday I may be able to make a lasting contribution to the scientific community.

Kubistek, Quinn

Norwin High School, 12

After high school, I plan to study Biomedical Engineering and Creative Writing. Though I am still undecided for schools, my top schools include Northwestern, Cornell, and Case Western. Both biomedical engineering and creative writing will allow me to continue giving back and aiding the community and the world as I have been doing for many years in Scouts and the Relay for Life and other community service events.

Lafko, Christina

Deer Lakes High School, 12

I plan to attend Baldwin Wallace University in the Fall of 2021. My goal is to be an active student in the BW community while attaining a degree in Human Resources and complete an MBA. I have also committed to be a part of the Baldwin Wallace division III Women’s Soccer Team. Upon graduation I intend to continue to support the community by volunteering and acquiring employment in the human resource management field where as a female I hope to facilitate equity within the workforce.

Laskowski, Hannah

St. Joseph High School, 11

I plan on going to a good college to study nursing. I want to be able to escape the struggles my family faces financially and help my dad once I establish my own foundations. I am going to achieve this by becoming a registered nurse and build a better life for my future family. I want my children to have an example of success through hard work. Through this, I can feel complete.

Lipnichan, Robert

St. Joseph High School, 12

I plan to attend Grove City College to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering and a Master’s Degree in System Engineering and Technological Management. In addition, I plan to serving my local community and college community.

Makhoul, George

Baldwin High School, 12

Following high school, I plan on attending a university to major in either neuroscience or biology. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree, I intend to go to pursue medical school and prepare for my future career. I hope to become a neurologist and continue serving people in need through the practice of medicine.

Malcolm, Aislin

Chartiers Valley High School, 11

I have committed to the University of Pittsburgh to play basketball and major in engineering.

Mann, Owen

Upper St. Clair High School, 12

I will most likely be attending the University of Pittsburgh or Penn State next fall. I was accepted into both business schools with the intended major of supply chain management. After receiving an undergraduate degree, I may pursue Corporate law. The only factor I am waiting on before my final college decision is the status of my service academy nomination; I was nominated as a candidate for the United States Air Force Academy by Congressman Mike Doyle.

Mason, William

St. Joseph High School, 11

I plan to go to college and attend medical school in order to become an anesthesiologist.