Elite Top 100

Celena Colcombe

Central Westmoreland Career & Technology Center, 11

Christine Colcombe
Douglas Colcombe

Academic Achievement

National Honors society, Member – 3 Years
National Technical Honors Society, Member – 1 Year
Challenge Program Academic Excellence 2018-2019, award recipient – 1 Year
Honor roll, Member – 3 Years
Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center Director’s Distinguished Honors Award, Member – 3 Years

Extracurricular Activities

Dance, Member – 3 Years
Norwin Theatre Company, Member – 2 Years
Student Council, Member – 2 Years
412 youth Ministry, Member – 3 Years
Knights For Life, Vice President – 3 Years

Community Involvement

Catholic Heart Work Camp, Participant – 2 Years
Super Bingo Fundraiser, Member – 6 Years
Vacation Bible School, Mentor – 6 Years
St. Agnes Bazar, Volunteer – 4 Years
student council Senior citizen dinner, Member – 1 Year


Following in my grandfather’s footsteps, I plan on pursuing a career in human services as a cosmetologist. After I complete my studies at Central Westmoreland Career and Technical School and earn my diploma from Norwin High School, I will attend Barbering School. After high school I have a few ideas of what I plan to pursue. I am passionate about the hair industry so in addition to my cosmetology license I can be dual licensed by attending a barber school. The next option that I have is not